05February 2021

NESSIE – 1rst Commercial dredging – Alps dam 60 m depth – 15 000 m3

25February 2020

NESSIE Dredging Solution : Partnership EDF

02November 2019

Video : NESSIE Dredging at Cadarache dam

02November 2019

NESSIE Dredging ROV : succesfull trials.

Our NESSIE robot, developed in partnership with EDF Hydro, has successfully performes its qualification tests in the EDF dam of CADARACHE last October. The 250 kW robot evolved on sediment bottoms and dredged with ease. The WATERTRACKS and EDF Hydro teams are now conducting intensive dredging trials with the aim of the first industrial fully automated dredging for the spring of 2020.

02February 2018

BIC Montpellier

WATERTRACKS now supported by the Montpellier Business Innovation Center!!!

29September 2017

NESSIE Project

Within an innovation partnership with hydraulic engineering center of EDF, WATERTRACKS project aim an innovative technology and service for robotic cleaning of sediments into dams. Worldwide issue affecting hydropower, drinking water and irrigation.


15November 2016


Conception, realization, development and experimentation of a posidonia seagrass transplantation technique in the extension zone of the port of Monaco. World premiere made by interfacing a tool designed on the ANA underwater excavator driven from the SANDRA power barge. A stay of 4 months in the depths of the Monegasque waters without any return for our freshly renovated equipment.